Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nature Study 1955

Designed by Terence Conran in around 1955 - pre-Habitat - this tea service must have represented the height of British modernity at that time.  The images are simple, stylised natural forms.

Another thing to be thankful to TC for is that you can have the most glamorous-on-a-budget coffee in London in the Bibendum forecourt - although the tableware isn't quite this desirable!


  1. Dear 'Modernish Dan'
    I am interested in sofa from 50s/60s style do you source that kind of stuff?

  2. Of course. Did you have any particular look in mind: e.g. british Ercol (suggest google images ercol day bed), or more Scandinavian a la Hans Wegner (suggest again you see google images)

  3. Am concerned these aren't sloth like enough for general lounging, any other thoughts or comments?